Benchmark – BI Powered by Benchmark

ResiliEnt entered a competitive review of consulting partners vying to become Benchmark’s trusted partner to take ownership of the break/fix, enhancement and build-out work for a Web application (BI Dashboard) that Benchmark sells to its clients.  ResiliEnt first performed a full BI/DW assessment and then entered into a trial phase where new client requirements were presented and ResiliEnt was asked to tailor the base application to the new requirements.  ResiliEnt not only exceeded expectations in turnaround time, but a number of code fixes were proactively applied by ResiliEnt, much to Benchmark’s satisfaction.

  • ResiliEnt first performed an assessment of their BI platform and provided mentoring specific to the findings of that assessment
  • ResiliEnt took a real ownership in Benchmark’s product and worked proactively to enhance the performance, quality, reliability and capability of the application.
  • ResiliEnt’s redesigned architecture ensured stability and improved the quality of the work product delivered.

Further, ResiliEnt worked with BenchMark through JAD sessions to facilitate new functional requirements into a viable design.  ResiliEnt developed the new module and delivered it on time and under budget. Due to our technical experience and broad knowledge base, ResiliEnt suggested enhancements and developed strategies which improved operational performance and eased administration.  These additional benefits enabled the delivered product to exceed expectations while still meeting both the budgeted timelines and expenses.  ResiliEnt’s last project with Benchmark was in 2010 where ResiliEnt designed and developed a new BI dashboard (Address Analysis Dashboard) for FIS, based on the latest Microsoft technologies.