Brinker International – RPM Dashboard

ResiliEnt Business Solutions provided full life-cycle support for the Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of the Restaurant Performance Management System (RPM).  This mission critical business intelligence application is used by over 3000 users per day and was recognized as an InfoWorld Top 100 Application for 2007.

  • ResiliEnt delivered full life-cycle support for this project while working in a team environment that included both Brinker and Information Builders team members.
  • ResiliEnt addressed technical interface design challenges with innovative solutions, successfully combing multiple technologies  that were not constrained by the Information Builders toolkit to provide the desired end-user experience.
  • ResiliEnt brought innovation of design and security to create a new containerised approach to the data, designed a unique security tree and devised a method to sustain individual secure sessions and allowed user return to the secure session to further  enhance the user experience and security.
  • ResiliEnt continued to effectively supplement the RPM Team’s skill set in a timely manner when additional resources were needed or when specialized skills were required for short periods of time.

RPM is used by managers at all levels of the organization from Restaurant Manager to Brand Manager to evaluate the performance of their organizations.  One of the key challenges was to provide a user friendly way to navigate any one of 4 different application trees, each tree having the potential for thousands of nodes depending on the organizational level of the user.  ResiliEnt architected a solution that implemented serve side Java that dynamically reads the user’s security information, builds the required tree structure, and serves it to the user in a familiar Microsoft explorer tree view.  The users can then view their reports at any organizational level that is desired without repetitive calls back to the WebFOCUS server.  ResiliEnt architected an innovative solution to maintain session state at the user level.  ResiliEnt also provided support for Teradata-based Data Warehouse development and Dashboard development over the course of the project.