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ResiliEnt Enterprise Solutions Consultants draw from vast experience designing and implementing enterprise solutions and strategies that leverage our clients’ existing and anticipated resources (human, software and hardware) for a maximum return on investment (ROI). At ResiliEnt we believe enterprise-wide solutions and strategies must take into account the goals and the needs of all lines of business, departments, divisions, and/or any sub-divisions of an organization. Our consultants come to the table with a “best practices” view of business operations, management and systems technology – insight and understanding of current market issues and industry dynamics that we utilize to move your company forward. ResiliEnt Best in Class!

ResiliEnt consultants come to the table with a “best practices” view of business operations and execution – insight and understanding of business issues and industry dynamics that we utilize to assist in moving your company forward. We believe that the key to a successful business is to better understand current market conditions and adapt and build the strategies and solutions that support future growth and sustainability of your business. Each business is dynamic and requires more than a cut, copy and paste process to succeed. Whether it is strategic planning and development, organizational and fiscal strategies to support business growth and expansion, or alignment of executive management vision and goals, ResiliEnt Solutions will work with you to develop business solutions driven by your business revenue.

Resource management focused attention on the strategic priorities, personnel, and critical operations of each business unit, region or product line. Effective resource management can help you drive transformational change, effective merger integration and improve cost, quality and speed of key initiatives or services.

ResiliEnt Business Solutions – We Solve Business Issues! ResiliEnt is a customer centric, quality focused, woman owned consulting firm providing management consulting services and enterprise-wide application, security and tactical IT solutions. Providing a 360 view of your business, ResiliEnt consultants work with you when strategic restructuring is essential for competitive advantage and growth. Our consultants bring a “best practices” view of business operations and management, systems, security and IT architecture and execution – with insight and understanding of business issues, and industry dynamics to provide you with unique, client driven solutions to deliver results that are immediate and sustainable.

We’ve built our reputation on quality and focusing on our client’s unique needs. We take great pride in the success, efficiency and profitability we have helped our customers achieve. Whether it is exponentially increasing their revenue by creating a competitive differentiator, creating an enterprise wide solution that brings great efficiencies and is honored with an Info 100 Award or helping them rescue a failing venture, strategy or project….we are fully vested in our client’s success, as they define it!

ResiliEnt Business Solutions, LLC™ is certified as a women’s business enterprise through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.