Enterprise Assessment Methodology

At ResiliEnt we focus on your need to be Agile, Knowledgeable, Efficient and Competitive on your terms. So you can become the unique revenue, process and data driven organization you require to gain C-Suite Agility, Improved Business Performance, Sustainability, Tangible ROI and increased profitability.

Assessments are the tool used to evaluate and review current enterprise operations management and structure to make sure it can support not only current, but projected corporate and revenue growth. Today, the entire management team works a delicate balance of sustaining growth, strategically managing costs and mitigating enterprise risk.

That’s where ResiliEnt excels! Our Enterprise Assessments address the toughest business challenges with a combination of strategy-level insights and deep practical business experience to help our clients create executable strategies. It’s an apporach that helps organizations move with with agility and practicality to take advantage of new opportunitieswhile minimizing risks.

ResiliEnt Consultants leverage their business expertise, knowledge of operational efficiencies, innovative processes and methodology, expert context specific knowledge and product agnostic philosophy to deliver an Assessment with recommendations that can be executed to address the unique needs of your company . We leverage strategic business management,operational process and realignment, asset and debt assessment and restructure, change management, historical financial information, best practices methodology, executive experience and technical expertise to deliver the  Assessment and recommendations resulting in sustainable success!

Regardless of the type of Assessment the approach is the same:

  • Identify type of Assessment desired
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with key stake holders
  • Observe existing processes or systems
  • Document and/or diagram the process, procedures or systems in place
  • Capture the desired business processes and/or business requirements with appropriate personnel
  • Hold facilitated strategy planning sessions, interviews with key personnel or Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions.
  • Collate findings from the interviews, planning sessions and or JAD sessions
  • Review findings with Assessment sponsor
  • Collate recommendations based upon findings
  • Review and prioritize recommendations with Assessment sponsor
  • Estimate work effort to complete recommendations
  • Deliver findings/recommendations/work estimates to Assessment sponsor
  • Provide formal presentation to the Executive Management Team

The ResiliEnt Assessment process includes a comprehensive review of both operation process and procedures as well as an architectural review of the clients existing automation and systems, research of existing processes as they relate to the current business and organizational needs and compare to the desired state. Once the review and research are documented, recommendations are made based on the organizations resources, objectives and industry best of class practices for the client’s needs. Then ResiliEnt works closely with the client’s team to estimate the work effort associated with each recommendation. Our mutual goal is recognizing your current state and identifying solutions that provide sustainable efficiencies, improved business performance and revenues!