Enterprise Operations Automation

Looking for a strategy to align IT and business strategies in post-merger integration?   Converging toward an agile and centralized “virtual” infrastructure to improve productivity without increasing headcount or overhead?   Or is it time to assess existing legacy applications and data centers that have limited scalability?

ResiliEnt brings the needed expertise to define and implement an operations automation strategy that can align your company’s business strategy and the business critical applications for maximum efficiency and sustainable cost performance.

ResiliEnt can work with any organization to arrive at a combination of solutions and processes uniquely tailored to match their business needs. The end result is improved operational agility; freed resources, enhanced performance, and superior service reliability—all of which help businesses innovate for success.

What is Enterprise Operations Automation?

It is the optimization and integration of operational/business processes with technology to increase efficiencies and support the revenue generating business services and processes.

Why Enterprise Operations Automation?

Automation helps optimize and integrate operational processes that directly support the delivery of revenue generating business services and processes. By more effectively automating operational processes, valuable resources can be shifted from reactive and maintenance-intensive tasks to areas that support business growth and competitive edge. What’s more, dramatic additional business wins occur in the form of improved performance, reliability, and efficiency. Because commonplace tasks are always performed the same way—at the full speed of the supporting technology—services are not only rendered more quickly, but more effectively.

Companies become more agile and responsive to market changes and new market opportunities; governance and risk can be managed more effectively through better transparency between the business process and the operational execution; and process can be consolidated for optimal resource usage and configuration in today’s dynamic virtual and cloud environments.

At ResiliEnt Business Solutions, we understand that by more effectively automating operational processes; overhead, labor costs and other resources can be shifted or eliminated to improve performance and support business growth- giving you the competitive advantage.

Enterprise Operations Automation Strategies and Implementation Methodology:

  • Automate manual operations processes and/or tasks across the enterprise
  • Manage simple admin tasks, manual scripts and complex process flows more efficiently
  • Scale systems operations to dynamically leverage cloud, virtualization and other innovative technologies
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance and audit requirements end to end from operational processes to their integration or interface with automated processes.
  • Manage processes, jobs and tasks using an enterprise-wide solution that fits your needs
  • Replace or optimize your legacy job scheduling  tools

Let ResiliEnt consultants design the combination of solutions that will consolidate, automate, optimize and scale operational efficiency; provide continuous compliance with operational and regulatory requirements, and manage service level performance across the entire systems infrastructure.  The outcome is not just significant cost reductions, but also high-quality customer service and streamlined processes.

Bottom Line Benefits:

  • Maximize Operations efficiencies and agility;  manage resource consumption more  effectively
  • Increase productivity without increasing headcount or overhead
  • Improve  team collaboration and reduce manual problem solving efforts
  • Comprehensive visibility into operational and regulatory compliance across the Enterprise
  • More efficient and predictable  operating  expenses