Intersil – Executive Dashboards

ResiliEnt and Intersil co-present the resultant dashboard at national technology conference.

  • ResiliEnt and Intersil IT staff worked well together and jointly achieved the project goal of an Executive Demo to the Board in a 60 day window.
  • ResiliEnt quickly and smoothly addressed all issues that arose and this timely intervention kept the project on track with a minimum of disruption.

Intersil was introduced to ResiliEnt Business Solutions in April 2006 at Information Builders’ Summit 2006 in Orlando, FL.  At that time, Intersil was still evaluating BI platforms.  Over the course of the summer Intersil made the decision to go forward with WebFOCUS and during that time began mocking up screen shots of the Sales & Orders dashboard that they wanted to build.  Intersil began looking at consulting firms to assist IT and based on the Summit introduction, ResiliEnt was invited to compete for the business.  After a series of interviews and reference checks, ResiliEnt was selected as the preferred vendor to assist Intersil with the dashboard build project.

With a rather remarkable effort, Intersil and ResiliEnt delivered on IT Management’s desire for an Executive Demo in only 60 days from the decision to bring ResiliEnt in.  ResiliEnt remains on a preferred vendor list at Intersil and continues to assist with the build-out of the dashboard on an as needed basis with the Intersil team.