Evaluating Current Spend for Immediate Bottom Line Benefits
Management Consulting Services
Nancy J. Noto – Senior Manager, Management Consulting Services

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Would you wait until your computer crashed and lost all your data before you upgraded your system or external memory? You spend lots of time and resources planning, budgeting and setting strategy for growth – but are your support processes and systems – the actual systems and personnel running your business operations poised to support this growth?

Which Should You Consider for 2013?
Enterprise Wide Solutions
Penny J Lester, PMP – SVP, Delivery Services

The Enterprise Assessments ResiliEnt performed in 2012 revealed concerns over IT trends common to public, private, non-profit, government and higher education organizations. In this article we’ll review the top 3 trends and share our insights regarding each. 1) Big Data, 2) Cloud Computing and 3) Information Security.

Leveraging Change to Increase Your Bottom Line
CEO’s Corner
Laila Samawi-Utley, CEO, President and Managing Principal

I have heard so many CXO’s concerned about the recent election, but to be fair I have heard concern in every election throughout my career. There is often fear in change.

One Size Does Not Fit All!
Penny J Lester, PMP – SVP, Delivery Services

Most companies are collecting more information across the enterprise than ever before. As your data grows, your “science” or strategy must evolve to allow for the processing and the transformation of all that raw data into useful business analytics that help drive strategy across the enterprise. Most companies expect the amount of data being collected to grow exponentially, making it critical to understand what data is relevant to your analytical needs.

Laila Samawi-Utley, CEO, President and Managing Principal

Ask hundreds of CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, or CIOs and you will generally hear several of the following:

The constantly changing economic and global market place
Keeping up with customer current and future needs and expectations
The ability to attract and retain appropriate talent to meet those needs into the next millennium…

Nancy J.Noto – Senior Manager, Management Consulting Services

You wouldn’t go a year without taking your car in for a tune up would you? In today’s competitive environment of cost cutting, and operations efficiency, successful companies readily perform Strategic Assessments to make sure the enterprise and business units are “tuned up”.