Resource Management

Achieving your strategic priorities requires resource management focus and agility. Your assets are critical and need optimization, proper allocation and attention. ResiliEnt helps you place attention on the personnel and critical operations of each business unit, region or product line. Whether the goal is transformational change, effective merger integration, expense control, quality and speed of key initiatives or services – ResiliEnt can help you drive these initiatives and obtain sustainable success.  At ResiliEnt we realize there are times you may need support and additonal resources to manage existing programs and projects, facilitate an outsourcing solution, or evaluate procurement, vendor or IT assets. Every project presents unique challenges and needs. Are you prepared to meet the need for different skills at different phases?  Do you feel you are positioned as effectively as you should be to meet or  create opportunities to achieve your organizations goals?  ResiliEnt can provide the quality, professional and dedicated consulting  resources needed to solve your business issues when you require them.

ResiliEnt Best in Class!

For more information see our Resource Management Fact Sheet

Services Offered:

Resource Assessment Services

Can your operational, financial, sales & technology infrastructure support your strategic plans for growth and sustainability? The ResiliEnt Assessment process profiles your business from end to end. ResiliEnt consultants recognize the need for information and applications to be transferred across and shared between resources- both people and systems. We can work with you to identify and validate your resources with business priorities in areas such as inventory and procurement, human resources (HR), sales force evaluation, compensation and performance management, marketing and website efficiencies. Our team will collaborate with you to identify where the real gaps are and recommend actionable solutions that work in tandem with your organization to align technology and business for uninterrupted and continued growth.

  • HR, Benefits and Administration
  • Sales Force Evaluation
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Website Design and Usability
  • Procurement and Vendor Validation
  • IT Assets

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Resource Evaluation and Redeployment

Are employees your most valuable asset? Can your existing staffing model support your growth objectives? Is your HR department adequately prepared to handle change in today’s economy? Does your HR team understand the strategic vision and direction of the business? Today’s Human Resources is more than benefits administration – a viable HR department needs to develop world-class recruiting, workforce planning, performance management and retention strategies. Overall company cost effectiveness and operational efficiency can be directly correlated to leveraging talent and human capital effectively. ResiliEnt consultants will work with you to evaluate and develop the necessary resource and HR components you need to plan for the right resources in the right places to drive new business and growth.

  • HR Planning, Hiring  and Optimization
  • HR Talent and Performance Strategies
  • Compensation Evaluation, and Incentive Strategies

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Full Project Outsourcing

Trying to get a more efficient delivery model for your products and services? Need to improve the effectiveness of PM staff? Are you managing multi-projects or multiple locations? In today’s challenging climate, capital investments need to align with corporate strategy. No matter what the project, from technology to business, ResiliEnt consultants bring best of breed services and solutions with an understanding that past efforts are not always effective in today’s diverse and challenging marketplace. ResiliEnt’s outsourcing approach and framework is designed to meet your business critical needs and budget allowing you to optimize resources and improve “time-to-market” initiatives. ResiliEnt will work in tandem with your IT staff to develop, manage and define the right outsourcing strategy for your business. Let ResiliEnt help you realize the productivity gains and ROI by keeping systems and people productive and working.

  • Solutions
  • Staffing
  • Systems

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Program and Project Management

Understaffed or lack full knowledge and resources to effectively manage critical projects, resources and budgets? Need to assess and structure a Program Management Organization to oversee project dependencies across the enterprise? ResiliEnt is part of your team- we will work with your team to evaluate resource needs, determine project time lines and staffing, manage the budget, processes and manage expectations of the entire project or program deliverables.

  • PMO Evaluation and Structure
  • Internal/External Project Oversight

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Staff Supplementation

Looking for some interim C-level financial or technology leadership? Need to augment critical positions to meet project deadlines? You can rely on ResiliEnt Business Solutions to oversee the full range of management and staff augmentation from COO, CIO to senior and mid managers to operations and project team members. In fact, ResiliEnt has been asked by clients to facilitate the screening and recruiting process to fill critical business needs in a timely fashion. Let ResiliEnt leverage their expertise to help you put the right talent in the right place at the right time!

  • Interim Executive Management
  • Operations and IT Staff Augmentation

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Executive and Team Building (on-site and off-site)

To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace requires satisified employees across the enterprise. Team building events or retreats can help co-workers better understand one another and be more effective at working together. Team-building exercises allow management and staff to forget about deadlines and corporate structure and focus on a more social dynamic. ResiliEnt can help you facilitate through the strategic processes, change initiatives, training, or communications strategies that can strengthen and align the connection between corporate leadership and the team operations they influence. These exercises can also also translate back into the office and help employees work on more serious issues, such as problem-solving techniques and improving communication skills. This all helps build trust, strengthen relationships and develop shared organizational values.

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Staff Mentoring, Training and Education

Training and education is an important organizational strategy. An agile enterprise often requires employees to be re-skilled, cross trained, take on different roles or get updated on current software. Having a multi-faceted learning strategy can improve productivity and effectiveness of your workforce, increase competency and improve overall performance. ResiliEnt consultants will work with you to create a comprehensive strategy designed to your specifications and solutions. ResiliEnt partners with you to not only define the solution, but create customized, multi-faceted training and documentation for the complete deliverable; leaving your workforce self-sufficient and knowledge for their current and new role.

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Customized Documentation and User Guides
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Executive and Team Building (on-site and of site)

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Managed Information Technology Infrastructure

Can your current operating infrastructure model handle your future state needs? Is your systems and technology strategy reliable, scalable and adaptable? Project, system and/or infrastructure outsourcing can reduce complexity, increase agility and responsiveness and reduce or shift infrastructure spending to optimize business results. Move to the cloud? Outsource? Time to convert legacy systems? Technology and automated systems need to be efficient and effective; let ResiliEnt consultants help you define the right service delivery model to support your business. ResiliEnt consultants have an agnostic product approach providing the optimal enterprise level data and IT infrastructure model that best suit your business strategy and budget.

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Procurement and Vendor Management

What is your strategy and process to manage and track relationships, contracts, and service level agreements with third party suppliers across the enterprise? Is it time to get an objective assessment and evaluation of your organization’s best practices? ResiliEnt will work with your team to define a unique “best in class” sourcing framework that will establish structure, consistency and accountability and controls across the enterprise; a vendor management strategy that provides greater control and knowledge of your relationships with your vendors. ResiliEnt consultants can also assist in RFP design and delivery. Result: cost reductions, improved productivity, performance and efficiencies.

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Technical Asset Management

Business demands for new applications and technology make capacity planning challenging at best. It is imperative that enterprise technology strategy align with and support enterprise business strategy. ResiliEnt’s technical asset management offering allows you to see the big picture while defining an infrastructure foundation that is agile and adaptable to your current business environment. Whether your needs are hosting, managed services, automation, virtual networks; ResiliEnt consultants assess your critical business needs across your enterprise and based on these assessments ResiliEnt will evaluate alternative solutions that can achieve significant IT cost savings and transparency and higher quality IT service delivery across the enterprise.

In fact, our experience has shown a combination of consulting resources is often the most cost effective solution.  With any project you will have different skills required  at different phases of the project.

We will work with you to:

  • Determine the timing for bringing resources on as needed
  • Manage the resources
  • Manage the budget
  • Manage the processes
  • Manage the expectations (of consultants, of users, of sponsors…)

ResiliEnt is your Best in Class Resource Management Partner.  We ensure you have the most effective resources to solve your business issues, when you require them.  We stand behind every resource or resoure service we provide our clients!  We provide resiliency, quality and professionalism to support all of your Resource Management needs!

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