The UNIFI Companies – A BI Road Map

UNIFI first entered into a partnership with ResiliEnt Business Solutions to develop a roadmap to help rollout WebFOCUS as the standard business intelligence platform and to subsequently move UNIFI across the business intelligence life-cycle spectrum.  The Assessment project covered the IBI technical environment, existing applications deployed with the technology, competing technologies with recommendations on how to retire them, WebFOCUS application development Best Practices, and a general review of the IT development methodologies in place at UNIFI.

  • ResiliEnt delivered an effective BI Assessment that has been serving as a roadmap forward for new BI initiatives.
  • ResiliEnt’s product development and management expertise has positioned them as a “trusted Advisor” to UNIFI IT.

Subsequent to the Assessment project, ResiliEnt was re-engaged by UNIFI to begin implementing many of the recommendations put forth in the BI Assessment Findings Document.  These projects included metadata creation, development of a comprehensive security strategy for the new BI standard, review of SLA failures with regards to the corporate data warehouse, improvement of the computing environment supporting WebFOCUS, implementation of Best Practices and more.