IT Training and Mentoring

ResiliEnt believes that once the strategies or solutions are in place, the best way to achieve sustained improvement in organizational performance is to focus on the individual and collective culture, mindset, and capabilities. ResiliEnt works with our clients to define, and customize training and mentoring to align strategy with the skills, mindset and talent needed to execute! Knowledge is power…ResiliEnt training results in our client’s self-sufficiency!

Customized Classes:

  • Data Architecting
    • Developing ETL (Extract Transform Load) jobs
    • Relational Database theory
  • Developing OLTP (On-Line Transactional Processing) applications
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Developing BI (Business Intelligence) applications
    • Dashboards, portals and/or scorecards
    • Self-service customizable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Automated and/or on demand reporting
  • System Engineering & Administration
    • Windows & UNIX OS (Operating Systems)
    • RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management Systems)

Personalized Mentoring:

  • Project & Program management
  • Vendor management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Best Practices
    • IS (Information Security)
    • IT (Information Technology)
    • DR (Disaster Recovery)
  • Data architecting
    • Relational theory
    • Data modeling

In some cases of Pre-Acquisiton/Merger Assessments, business recommendations include the acquisition of new hardware or software.   In those situations the ResiliEnt recommendations will include a strategy for training and/or mentoring the client’s human resource (team  members ). In Post -Acquisition/Merger Assessments and support the recommendations are generally more focused on training and/or mentoring the client’s team onprocesses,and or  tools they own or need to create due to the newly merged organization.

Regardless of the situation, ResiliEnt always works with the client to identify a “real world” need that can be used in a customized class specific to the need.  It has been our experience students retain more when they can see a practical, or “real world” application of the new skills they are being exposed to by training and/or mentoring sessions.  An additional benefit of this approach is our client will have that application and/or process developed, several team members trained on the application for its ongoing support and they gain  a template or model for future projects.

Over the years ResiliEnt has customized classes for our clients who have had a variety of needs.  A brief sampling of classes ResiliEnt has created specific to our clients’ needs follows:

  • The computing environment was  a combination of Windows and System i.  The client wanted to move to a Business Intelligence tool specifically designed for their System i OS/400 operating system.  ResiliEnt developed customized training to instruct the client on how to use the tool to do conversions and development of BI applications.
  • The client was using a tool for application development which their developers struggled with.  In fact, there are still very few developers who are proficient with the tool available in the market place today.  The client was not at liberty to hire someone with the skills, nor could they replace the tool.  Therefore ResiliEnt designed, developed and delivered a customized class specific to the resources they had available.
  • Mangement had issued a mandate to convert from a hierarchical data architecture to a relational model.  The clients’ developers not only needed to learn the tools of the new relational database management system, but also relational theory.  ResiliEnt customized classes using examples from the actual conversion as “hands on” exercises for the clients’ developers.
  • The client had multiple projects with extreme urgency, but there were no Project Managers on staff!  ResiliEnt provided a PMP certified consultant to work very closely with the client’s team to start building project artifacts, and a project management process.

ResiliEnt firmly believes customized training is more efficient and is the best approach to take to help our client’s achieve self-sufficiency.