Enterprise Wide Solutions

  • Enterprise Assessments  and Best Practices
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Conversions
  • Enterprise Operational Automation Strategies and Implementations
  • Global IT Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Enterprise Project, System or Infrastructure Outsourcing 
  • Enterprise Information Management – Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Information Data Access, Organization and Governance
  • Program and Project Management
"ResiliEnt is a customer centric, quality focused, woman owned enterprise consulting firm specializing in the delivery of enterprise-wide business strategies and solutions through the use of management, financial, operational, processes and technologies. We provide unique client specific strategies and solutions that solve critical issues and gain essential business advantage. Our innovative methodology, expert context specific knowledge, and product agnostic technology ensure strategic alignment and adaptable solutions."
Laila Samawi-Utley, President, CEO and Managing Principal, ResiliEnt Business Solution