About Us

ResiliEnt Business Solutions LLC™ is a customer centric, quality driven enterprise consulting organization that specializes in solving business issues with business management, operational strategy, process and technology.  ResiliEnt offers Management Consulting, the delivery of Enterprise Wide Solutions, and Resource Management.

For more information on our services please see ResiliEnt At A Glance.

We are dedicated to helping our clients solve their most pressing issues while improving business performance, and achieving measurable, sustainable results.  We have centers of excellence in Enterprise Strategy, Process Management, Data Strategy, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Systems Integration, Program and Project Management.

At ResiliEnt we use our 360 degree view and capabilities to solve critical customer issues/opportunities.  We leverage enterprise collaboration and agile methodologies to support and create adaptable strategies and solutions.  These solutions create ResiliEnt “Best of Class” business, data and process driven organizations, with C-suite agility, improved business performance and tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

ResiliEnt Best of Class!  ResiliEnt Solutions stand the test of time!

Our team is dedicated to providing unique client specific solutions that solve critical issues and gain essential business advantage. ResiliEnt’s innovative methodology, subject matter expertise, and product agnostic technology ensure strategic success. We leverage business knowledge, operations, information, technology, process, executive and technical expertise to deliver adaptable solutions.

We have built our brand, our reputation and customer references for over 18 years on quality, customer satisfaction and success.  After many customer requests, we applied for Woman Owned Designation and received it in December of 2011. We proudly accomplished this and now provide an additional benefit to our customers that have a commitment to diversity.  We offer a commitment to excellence, a passion for customer success, and dedication to quality…we do this and offer diversity!

We have a strong commitment and passion for exceeding our clients’ expectations and ensuring their success by:

  • Focusing on our client’s needs, ensuring “Best in Class” status
  • Achieving success through collaboration with our clients
  • Respecting time commitments of our clients
  • Delivering immediate impact and tangible results to our clients
  • Leaving our clients with a higher degree of self-sufficiency

Our greatest assets are our people! They demonstrate ResiliEnt’s:

  • Passion for our work and our clients success
  • Commitment to delivering efficient, high quality, tangible results
  • Open communication and respect (integrity, honesty and trust)
  • Collaborative work style – co-developed vs. imposed solutions
  • Initiative and accountability
  • Transfer of our knowledge and approaches
  • Giving to our communities through the sharing of our time, resources, and talents