Janan Crowe

CEO & Manager

JANAN CROWE with her long professional career and leadership experience brings a vision of sound strategy with governance at ResiliEnt Business Solutions. She focuses on our Purpose to enhance our client’s business operations and financial performance with better use of technology applications; better use of data management; and risk management. She also values our Resilient Team of employees to create an inclusive culture to empower everyone to learn and grow. She knows by experience this is necessary for all of us to meet our full potential in delivering the touch and technology our clients deserve. Furthermore, it’s critical for us to earn the respect and trust of our client’s. It has been our hallmark for 16 years at Resilient that we must strive for continual improvement.

Janan has served as CFO at ResiliEnt and is now CEO. She is proud to continue our long history as a Certified Women Owned Business. Whether your need is project related engagements, support, training or full-time staff augmentation, ResiliEnt Business Solutions can customize a program designed to meet the needs of our clients.