Laila Samawi-Utley

Board of Directors, Past President and CEO 

Laila Samawi-Utley, co-founded ResiliEnt Business Solutions.

Laila Samawi-Utley serving as CEO, COO, CIO, CTO,  & CFO in both public and private industry she leveraged her 20+ years’ experience in organizational change management, operations management, enterprise security, compliance management, facilities management, vendor, contract and asset management, financial management, technical management, and the delivery of enterprise wide strategies and solutions.

Ms. Samawi-Utley is known for her commitment to solving customer business issues with operations, process and or technology. Her strategies and solutions enable her clients to become process and data driven organizations that operate according to their business requirements, based on their terms and market needs. She and her teams are known for taking a customer’s vision, bridging the gaps from their current state to transform that vision into today’s reality. Under her leadership, ResiliEnt Business Solutions has a foundation and culture to deliver solutions that stand the test of time and prepare clients to meet the ever changing needs of the global marketplace.

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