Jay Handy

“As an enterprise looking to improve our national marketplace awareness and recognizing the need to make the internal operating changes to support that initiative, we engaged Resilient to make it happen!

We needed both an internal operating structure for employees and volunteers as well as branding and image creation for donors, we found Resilient to be an incredible partner, guide and facilitator.  Their extensive business knowledge, support and expertise were both inspiring and encouraging to our team. After doing a complete enterprise assessment, defining our needs and prioritizing the changes required to attain our goals, the Resilient Team worked with the executives and staff, to put into place the needed operating framework for sustainability, efficiency and more importantly, a platform for where we intend to be tomorrow. They took a view of our strategic needs and in addition to ensuring we had the strategy, processes and infrastructure we needed, they aligned all of it with stronger branding. They developed a cohesive branding strategy that included collateral materials, logo, and website continuity that provided a sense of purpose and gravitas.  They were able to accomplish this task beyond our expectations and in short order. I would highly recommend The ResiliEnt Team to others”

Jay HandyFounder and CEODiabetes Sports and Wellness Foundation

About Michael Bottone

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